Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's coming to an end

Well, blogger buddies, it's coming to end...it's finally getting to cold to go camping. We are going to be doing some remodeling to the camper over the winter...we are going to finish taking out the bathroom and put in a bed for Trenton and some better storage. We had a good summer with the camper. The two weeks at Brimley rocked (once we got there). It was great to meet Cathy (Yooper Yarns), maybe next time I can meet Joan (Retirement Chronicles) Brenda (Sault Boat Watcher) and some of my other online yooper friends.

We have a bit of plans for next summer...vacation in July for one, probably at Hoeft State Park in Roger's City, or maybe Harrisville State Park in Harrisville, we are going to take in the Buckley Steam Tractor Show in August...you will probably find us out at Brighton Rec's Bishop Lake campground the rest of the summer. While we are on the subject of Brighton Rec....I have to give them some Kudo's.....Ranger Charlie is in charge of keeping the bathrooms clean...he does one heck of a job! Those bathrooms are the cleanest of any State Park I have been too, and I have been to a lot of them. Even during the peak camping times, he is there 3 or 4 times a day cleaning. Rarely do you find the floors dirty with mud...the showers are sparkling, the mirrors are clean....The other rangers, Deb for one, do their best to see that rules are enforced, and everyone has a good time. Thank you Brighton Rec for being outstanding!!!

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