Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

is this the end?

while camping this summer, my husband and I have discovered that our poor old camper may be giving up the ghost...the wall by the back door is rotting and we are not sure it is fixable, my husband and my father in law are going to give it their best shot over the winter so PLEASE cross your fingers for us and/or say a prayer...I don't want to have to go back to tent camping and if we do, it will be the end of every other weekend or at least once a month camping until we are able to acquire another one...if it is fixable however, we will be doing some remodeling to the camper, the bathroom is not used and is already missing the toilet, so we are going to take out the sink, cupboard, and shower and install a bed for our son plus some better shelving for storage...

on another note...due to the rotting wall, we may be going on our last camping trip of the season this weekend...originally, Dale and I were heading out for the weekend by ourselves for our 7th anniversary, but due to the massive allergy issues Trent is having, we have decided we are just not comfortable leaving him, AND he asked to go because he got jipped out of the last trip (he spent it being sick), so my mom and my sis in law are tagging along, and my best friend Sarah is bringing her twin boys to play with Trent....

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