Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Monday, May 24, 2010

home again home again

What a weekend....it was great! really, until we came home and I decided to mow my grama's yard. We got 4 inches of rain on Friday night, floated my sis' in laws tent, so she had to sleep in the camper with us....Saturday was beautiful, we went to a powwow that the park was hosting...very interesting....Sunday we came home, got everything taken care of and I decided to mow Gram's lawn. It had needed it before we left, but I decided to wait until we go home...BAD IDEA....the mower acted up, so i called my hubby to come fix it. He decided that we needed to use the John Deere (much older mower with issues) and park the Craftsman. But the Deere wouldn't start, after much coaxing, it started but when told to back up....it jumped the belt drive (whatever that is)...so poor hubby started to fix it....about the time he got it fixed and signaled me to come jump the Deere again....the Air Compressor (which is at least 30 years old or more) exploded....knocking my three year old over and abrasing his feet and legs as he was less than 3 feet from it....needless to say we ended up in ER...Thank God he is okay other that scrapes and bruises....now i need another mini vacation to make up for the stress of coming home....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

first weekend of the season

Yay! It's Finally Here! a day early too I might add....Today we head for the campground for the first time this year. Little man wanted to sleep in the camper in the yard last night, but fell asleep in the house. Hopefully the rain stays away, cross your fingers for us. Brighton Recreation Area-Here we come!