Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Springtime at Canyon Falls by L'anse, MI

Thursday, September 30, 2010

end of the season, thinking ahead

Well, it's been a good summer for Camping....so far, we camped once in May, 3 times in June, 1 time in July, 1 time in August, took a 10 day vacation in September, and (cross your fingers) for 1 time in October....good friends came to call at the camper in June and July....My husband built us a Ladderball (Hillbilly Horseshoes) set, that brought him, my son, and one of our friends much enjoyment. August was nice. Vacation was a bit of a downer, had to stay local, rather than go up north, but good anyways. We had a furry creature that was a bit to friendly, met some nice people, my best friend from high school came out and spent the day with us and brought along her three year old twins who had never had a s'more before....let me tell you that situation was taken care of in short order.....Now we are at the and of summer, the end of camping season, but i am hopeful for one more weekend....the last hurrah of sorts....if not then we will be winterizing the camper next weekend instead of camping in it...and putting it into storage....

Thinking ahead to next year though, we are planning the first weekend out in May...and then taking vacation in June partly because my son's birthday is in June, and partly because (sniff, sniff) he starts kindergarten in the fall....our plan for our vacation next year is to go to Baraga State Park and spend a week there and then come back to Brimley State Park and spend a few days there and attend the Soo Locks Engineers Day....If anyone has any suggestions for day trips/things to do around Baraga, please leave me a comment with your suggestion and, if you have one, a website so that i can mapquest stuff.....

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